Craft bug has bitten :)

Finally got the ol' spray paint out and painted this.  It was a kinda rusty brown color, I thought it needed a little something, so I went with some off white that I had on hand.  I have about 15 cans of spray paint I picked up for around $5 at a garage sale.  Us Army familys move alot, and we cannot take any aerosols and many many other things (like candle....???? always puzzles me).

Anywho...Hers is it in all its glory  now :)

Some other projects I have done this month............
I always pick up plaques. I used to put baby names on them and give them as a gift, but it seems no one around me is popping out kids lately, so I took out the old rub-on decals and added some charm :)
A little Halloween flair :)

And a little Fall decor ;)

One last thing I did while we were in the spray paint mood.............
I managed to finally paint this black.  The other one I just could not paint over the Edelweiss flower on the top.  This is half of my shelves, and I have another on that is over 100 years old in America.  I inherited them from my great grandma, and have added about 70 spoons myself :)  Never thought I would be a spoon collector?  I never noticed them in souvenir shops until I started to collect them.

This is  my smallest one.  They are all Germany spoons, from all over beautiful Germany :)  I have 3 more shelves that are finally painted but waiting on spoons.  Some of the spoons had to be fixed and glues because they are so old.  I even have an extra shelf, because not alot of people collect spoons anymore, so the shelves are hard to find.

So thats what I have been up to this month.  Its been busy and hectic, but I love it like that because I guess I am never bored ;)

So what do you collect?  How do you display them?

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Mel said...

Yay! You're back!

The cup/vase looks so much nicer now.

I like the font on the Live in the moment plaque. Very cute :)

Isn't it nice to be busy? ha ha

Sarah said...

Thanks for looking Mel :) It is nice to be crafting...not busy! I am learning to manage working and kids and girl scouts and "me" time. Its a work in progress :/