"Tea"cher gifts

I totally threw this together and it turned out fabulous :)

Last week, I found some organic Italian honey at our commissary for .79 cents(three pack assortment). Grabbed three for teacher gifts, next grabbed some chamomile tea and used my coupons to get three boxes for 2.27 :) Yeah me...lol

Next, went garage selling and found some baskets for bringing it all together. Decided to stop by the Freecycle center....where everything is FAAAAREEEEEEE....again yeah me ;)  There I found a metal basket, and a cool chalkboard teacher treat box...SCORE!  I also found some apple candles to throw in there...free

Stopped by our PX, and grabbed some clear wrap, and some pink tissue paper. (Funny thing, I work for Hallmark and never buy anything from them until now..lol)  added some ribbon from home and tahh duhh, I think they turned out fab!

I added some tags that said "Greatest "Tea"cher ever" on the and some cute bird stamps.  I also threw in some organic Jelly from the same company. There was only one three pack left so each teacher got one, but its a nice filler.  Here is a close up of each.

I think it cost me around $10 to make all three :)  I am also doing four "american" gifts for my sons Sure Start bus drivers. I am taking a six pack of bottled root beer....because they dont have root beer in Germany, and some american candy bars like Reeses cups and baby ruths and making a thank you gift for them.  They are all super sweet, two pick him up and a different two bring him home.  They always send X mas gifts, and birthday gifts, and even German holidays :)  They just love him to pieces!  My little guy is going to ride the big  bus next year with his sisters :(

Anywho, on top of working two jobs, I managed to squeeze out a lil something for the teachers and helpers whom I am grateful for.  Hope you enjoyed it :)


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Mel said...

Firstly, I'm glad you are back from the hiatus.

Secondly, these are adorable. You are so thoughtful AND thrifty. Where/How did you find the time?

Sarah said...

I was kidnapped by aliens...lol i got a second job because my part time was only like 8 hours a week, so I got another ojb that is 15 hours a week....if that, and UBER easy!

Thanks for looking, I just kinda threw them together, really only took maybe an hour to put them all together and adding a few things while at the store :) They were a hit to, they loved the "tea"cher tags :) I totally thought of that all on my own or I would post the site were I got it from...genius I know....lol