Thrift store Loot

I have two shops near me that I frequent. One is picked over and over priced, and another is a little store, tucked away. I call it my secret store :) I find some of the coolest stuff at the little one.

In the last month I have been to both and found a couple goodies.

This bowl was .75 cents! I love the crackel finish in it. I thought it would be so neat with some bulbs in it for Christmas. There is a plastic white bowl in the inside that is removeable, as shown in the picture.

These jars were $2.00 apiece. A little more than I wanted to spend, but I see them on ebay for $10.00 or more.....and I really liked them :)

This frame was $2.50. I have wanted to do this project I saw on Pinterest that had "I love you because" and a line under so you could dry erase something different when the mood strikes ya. I love the detail on the frame.

The clock in the first picture I am taking apart and making it into a cloche. I have wanted one for a hundred years now, and finally found one. They totally remind me of the eighties! :) Its a good working clock, it even sings every hour, but I am not a lover of gold anything, and that chime would drive me batty ;)

Thats the goods for now, a big thanks to Mel at She is my number one fan of my blog (and possibly only But thats alright, she pushes me to be crafty...which I love doing. Thanks Mel, and congrats on your first linky partaayyyy!!!

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