Room Pt. 2

This is hubbys dresser.  Its was a freebie...someday we will buy him a tall dresser, as he is 6'4" :)
I just added the brown runner on the top. Which needs to be ironed....details details!
I added this brown runner to mine also. It looks more "grounded" to me.
Our windows slant like this, which is nice for airing out the house and is still secure.   Those are the rolladen.
These are the rolladen closed.  I love the privacy of it.  They will actually close more...the top is a lil open in the pic.  They will do 100% blackout. I can sleep till 1 in the afternoon if these are left all the way closed. Great for jet lag BTW ;)
My new fav. pic.  Boots and dogtags on the lamp:)   you can see my tile floors also....we have floor heat throughout the house, not as great as you would think. I miss radiators, and wall heat. But it works.  I think ill add a rug someday also.... Thats it for now. Ill try and find my before pic.
Thanks for looking ;)

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Mel said...

I have seen those window covers once before on a house over here, but they are rare.

Your room looks so comfortable and if I knew you in "real" life, I bet it reflects the real you.

How is the job going? You must be exhausted.