It is beautiful bedroom!

I have to be honest it was done awhile ago....Im a bit of a procrastinator. But who isnt? 

New bed thanks to people who donated money to KMART for the Heros at Home program. I received a total of almost $350 in Gift Certificates :) Its like UBER soft, I love it.  I bought new sheets in light blue for $26, the pillows are from Kmart, and the white pillow I made ;)  The mirror was from Ikea, 4 euros!  The tapestry I had. Its there because I have huge pieces of this crappy wallpaper stuff they put in german houses.  Its never actually been painted, and if I loved this house more I would.  Army family...we move alot!

Another German tidbit.....closets are considered a room...?!?  Which is more taxes for the house again ?!?  So we have to buy closets, again from Ikea...ugly but cheap!  This corner above the closet is the catch all of the   The dresser is my daughters, mine does not fit in the room     again ?!?!?!   I like it better anyhow, and it is like brand new!  I took this picture less than an hour ago, and have already changed some things around...    I need to add a picture about the dresser. Probably the bird one ill show you in a min.  I added the stickers to the closet for some intrest. They are from Ikea, 10 cent a sheet :) I thought they were cool.   The long mirrors I got from an American hotel that is closing for .25 cents each  SCORE :)

This long empty wall I used to have a huge tapestry on....almost covering the whole wall.  Its so bare now.  I covered some canvases that I scored from junk day with IKEA fabric.  I had the picture frames already, i just painted them brown and added ribbon, saw it on a blog somewhere thought it was cool :)  Curtains were $2 a panel.  I dont really need curtains, Germans have Rolladen, there is a lil cord that you pull which is hidden behind the curtain panel and it lowers these aluminum blinds that are outside the window.  They are great because its like  and it makes it 100% pitch black anytime of day.....great for babies taking naps!  My whole house has them. I will miss them the most.  I will have to do a later post of them, and the windows....which are fabulous too!
He likes his bed :)   ~~~> thats Chewy :)

On top of my dresser.  The big brown thing in the back is from Spain.  You can put a candle under it.  The jars I got from the thrift store.  The tall one I made for about $2 total, and the other was $3. I had to have them....husband thinks Im  I also got the metal ball from the thrift store, it opens up. Im not sure what is for, maybe incense?  But I loved it, and it was like.75cents  SCORE!  The twine ball is a ping pong ball I covered in twine :)  burnt the fingers a few times....but I like it :)  All the rest of the balls are from Kmart. there is quite a few, and the potpourri is from Kmart to, that is in the glass jars.

Im still not crazy about the blue tapestry, maybe Ill just paint out a square?    I made the picture line thing.  I painted the mini clothes pins blue.  I also made the cork board. I found corkboard at the thrift store for $1.50, and covered it in the Ikea fabric....which is about $2.60 a yard!  I think I am going to paint the nightstand also, not sure which color...I think a metallicy blue would be neat.  Right now it just has some felt on  My drum, which I can actually play has the coolest wooden vase on it. I picked that up at the thrift store for $3, it was odd, and I loved it :)  I thought about painting it....but I dig it how it is I think.
These are the covered canvases I made.  I think I will put one above my dresser, and stick the other one somewhere. I have some fab art from Italy that I need to have framed that I am going to put here....they are GORGE!!!!!  I just need to take them in....and not procrastinate

I am no decorator....but I had fun doing it. I love crawling into bed, nothing like nice soft sheets, and a new bedspread...nothing in the world ;)  I remember the first time I bought 300 thread  like buttah!  I have two more pics I need to add....but my  husband has burried his dresser  Next  next post.....

Thanks for reading my long-winded post :)

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Mel said...

Sarah, you did it!

You have so many wonderful elements in the room. I especially love the tray with all of the different balls on it.
Yeah, you are right, there is nothing like soft comfy sheets to crawl into.

I want to hear more about those window thingys? :)

Sarah said...

Boy your fast...i just hit post on the part 2. lol Morning Mel ;) And thanks!

Anonymous said...

That is funny about a closet being a room! Now some of those closets I see in the magazines I would understand being a room but a closet???

Your different twine balls on the tray is really neat!

bee blessed

Jason and Jill said...

Wow, gorgeous! Love this! I would love for you to come link up over at my blog! I've got prizes :)

Megan Walker said...

You DID it! And you did a terrific job :)

Zoey said...

Hi mom how u doin? PS u outta update it since we sorta MOVED...