What have you been up to????

Snowed in.....and got lots of things done :)

First off, we have a new baby coming to my husbands family.  They are welcoming their 4th child, a boy.  I thought I would give a try at some cool things I saw on some of your blogs out there.  First it started with wanting to do the tie on a onesie. Well, I havent had a baby in what seems like a hundred years....I accidentally bought t-shirts.  I bought them a little big thank goodness.  I would have taken them back but I bought them an hour away at another store and I really wanted to get started on it.  Here they are as on now....

And the second one....

I did his initials...all I could think of was that his initials are JZ....like the rapper Jay-Z.....I laughed and thought, that would make a cool t-shirt!!!   I still need to go around them with a contrasting thread.  Another thing I made was a ribbon crinkly blanket...is crinkly a word???  lol

 Front :)
Its a flannel material with a chip bag in the inside :)  I wish I had one of these when my little one were well.....little.  Babies love that sound!  When I would change their diapers, they would always want the plastic bag they were in (refill bag).  What an ingenious idea! This is the second one I have made. I made one awile back, but left a pin on the inside.....very new to sewing, and had to make a cut to pull it out.  I thought these would be cool to sell at our thrift store or in our local paper.
Next project.....we got 8 inches of snow by the way...... is my produce bags.  I bought these back when I was in the states on vacation, at the dollar store, and usually run out of them. I cut them in half!  sewed the bottoms, wahhhh laaahhhh! Two bags for the price of one.  I needed more, because well, they grow legs and walk off I swear!  I had some laundry bags that I am no longer using, so I cut those in half and made them two! :)  These have zippers at the top so I will reserve these for potatoes and apples and such.  I am like the hugest hater of plastic! I really hate it! I have another bag I bought here in Germany that clips to my purse.  Its a nylonish material and I love it!     I get more compliments on that bag....and my new produce bags :)

 My view from my window of my craft room.

View to the left, click to enlarge!
The aftermath of my crafty week :)  and my foot warmer/sidekick.
Now I have something to do today....clean my room!

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Mel said...

You HAVE been busy. The t-shirts are too cute. And you have your own craft room? I'm envious! Well, I'm not much of a crafter really, but I do like to sew.
Keep 'em coming.