Time to start crafting lady........

A clock I found at a German craft store.  I was so excited I found a craft store, and I brought this up to the register and it was 48 cents! (in euro) about .75 cents in dollars.  I immediately went back and got another one, where the lady looked at me like I was stealing it!  She looked around where it was and finally just took my change and off I went!  It has been sitting around my house for quite a while...about 6 months now.  Finally I got some time and the creative juices to start on it. I think I may add a little pink to the leaves  to outline the detail in the green clock. I Modge Podged a flower from fabric on the center and used rub-ons from my scrapbook stash to decorate it. I use it in my craft room, its a little loud though....I am slowly getting used to it.  I have another one that i did but I am not crazy how it turned out.  I used Modge Podge and tissue paper.  I really just love the shape of the clock. It will most likely end up all white again.....not sure.   At least I got one project done :)

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Mel said...

Yay, your first craft post!

Those are pretty, I especially like the pink one. And the price? Holy cow.

How are the thrift stores over there?

Sarah said...

We have a few...I totally have them mapped out. They are all Army/Air force. I have yet to see any German thrift stores in my 8 years here. They do Flea Markets, but between the exchange rate and their own overpricing, it is hard to find a good deal! So I stick to my 4-5 thrift shops. Sometimes its our big outing we drive an hour and go to another post and do all the stuff on there post....breaks the monotony of going to the same store all the time. We are so ready to move back to the good ol' USA :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE what you have done with both clocks!
Hey...I am in Germany too! We are in Kaiserslautern area...Where did you find this clock - I haven't seen any like it on the German economy - especially for that price! I just started a blog myself - about mothering, baking, crafting, etc. I really like your profile description...I am a serious thrifter, and coupon user. I get coupons sent ot me from the States - Operation coupons...amazing women cut out coupons for military spouses.
on Blogger I am hausfrau4now, check it out!

Mel said...

Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry, I didn't realize that you had responded to my question until now.

So, are you and the other commenter close to each other? Sounds like you have a lot in common.

Do you have plans to return to the U.S. any time soon?

Sarah said...

Been here 8 years, two left....Never really planned on staying this long. We love it here, but are ready to go home. I just started following that blog, she is about an hour from me.