Bedroom re-do crafts

I am doing this slowly, and I am a very impatient person.  lol  I ordered my comforter off the internet, so I am waiting on that and a few other details.  Some things I cant get done till I physically see the colors of the pillows I purchased the net of course.

Heres a peek :)

Some curtain holders I made out of beads.

Covered a cork board with IKEA fabric, put on some ribbon and even added  glitter to the tacks.

Painted some mini clothespins........hmmmmm what for?????

Painted IKEA frames that were already in the room and added some ribbon.

A not so great at a round pillow I is harder than it   Did I mention I taught myself to sew???

I can live with it......for now.
Now I wait for the comforter and pillows.  Luckily I know they are shipping pretty fast, and have already got confirm on them....HURRY

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Mel said...

Yay for you! I think that Ikea fabric is adorable and the pillow looks good. You are teaching yourself how to sew too, so that's a good thing. I taught myself too.

Sarah said...

Its hard to learn how to sew....I am getting better each time I use it. I had to refill the bobbin yesterday and did it no problem...I just kinda stepped back and was like WOAW....I did it without the book!

My only wish is that I had a king sized bed, so I could make more pillows!

That IKEA fabric is 2 Euro a meter....or $2.30 a yard! Woot!!!