My newest creation ;)

I have been on a roll with the projects and cleaning lately.  Today we made Valentine cookies, ans we are watching new snow fall....I see even more projects/cleaning in my future!

I made it out of a cookie sheet and some Modge Podge.  I loved this paper so much I could just eat it up.  it is just perfect for our kitchen, as our fridge is not magnetic.

I made the magnets for the board out of the same paper with my Martha punch, and some sticky magnets. I just love how it turned out!

Our delicious Valentine cookies we made tonight.....did I mention they were free :) faaaaahhhhreeeeee! They taste so much better when they are free huh? :)  

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Mel said...

Sarah, that is cute cute cute! What a great idea for a non-magnetic fridge. The cookies look yummy, but how does one go about getting Free cookies? LOL

Sarah said...

Cookies were .95 cents... had a dollar off coupon! WOOT!

Mel said...

did they give you back 5 cents? I mean fair is fair, right? :)

Megan Walker said...

Hi Sarah! I wanted to make the rounds and visit all of my blog followers (yeah, the entire handful - lol). Both your blogs are so cute - congrats for starting this new one! You are fun and have such great ideas - I will definitely be back :)

Meg from wild child